Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Live Shows

The Covid 19 pandemic has impacted the music industry and its musicians in a big way by enforcing lockdowns and performers having to cancel concerts and events all over the world.

With guitar-driven music, the live shows and concerts are what draw fans to the bands and musicians. Seeing a guitarist play the instrument live is a completely different feeling than listening to an album. Thus, providing negative aspects to the performing sector of guitar-driven music.

Many bands and famous guitar players were forced to find other ways of making a living through their music when live shows were taken away due to the rise of infections of Covid-19. Many took to online platforms to do online live shows, and some started to work in their home studios to release music when things calm down.

Music was one of the most vulnerable employment factors in 2020. The collapse of the live music industry affected not only artists but the thousands of gear handlers and roadies working for the bands and musicians. Looking at live shows, there are many elements needed to make it work including sound engineers, stage crew, and roadies.

When looking at recording albums, albums do not bring in much money to the artists but mostly to the producers and record labels releasing the albums. Musicians and bands need live concerts to make a proper living with their music.

With many streaming services taking advantage of the situation and not helping musicians being paid more for their streams, Bandcamp stood as a helping hand towards musicians and bands by giving them full revenue of their streams and album sales online.

With more live concerts taking place later in 2021, the music scene will hopefully open up fully to help musicians and bands carry on with their concerts.

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