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On Jeff Gunn Blog, you can expect to find many articles and discussions on famous guitarists, their albums, concerts and events. We cater to fans of many genres incorporating guitar players, whether being in bands or being solo shredders or jazz soloists. Visit Jeff Gunn Blog frequently for updated articles and news about everything guitarists.

Famous Guitarists

Jeff Gunn Blog provides informative articles on guitarists who are well known to fans in the music industry. On this blog, you can expect coverage on guitarists who have been inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, have won composition awards, and are seen as legendary in the business.


The guitar is an instrument that is used in many different genres of music, from rock and metal to jazz, blues, soul and funk. On Jeff Gunn Blog, we will cover all the legendary albums which have been released with these genres, some of which have won many awards and critical acclaim.


Watching a live show, especially in guitar-driven music, eyes are usually on the guitarist or frontman who also plays the rhythm guitar of the band in many cases. On Jeff Gunn Blog, you will be able to find many articles on upcoming and legendary concerts which were driven by the guitarists in bands or solo guitarists.

Visit Jeff Gunn Blog frequently for more information on guitarists, their compositions, albums, and concerts to stay in the loop of all the latest guitarists news.