Let your art become the vehicle that makes a difference in the world…

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that with every note played, with every stroke of the brush, or every graceful movement of the body, you will be putting a child through school, building a well enabling access to clean drinking water, and ultimately helping a poor community on their way to becoming self-sufficient in the future.  

Jeff donates a percentage of his guitar method series Hidden Sounds to several of the following organizations:

Jeff is on the Board of Directors for Emmanuel Jal's non-profit organization Lose to Win, which focuses on individuals giving up specific items or habits for a set period and donating the funds that would have been spent towards building schools in South Sudan. Please visit the Lose to Win website at:

Jeff is a co-founder of Canadian NGO Alliance Against Modern Slavery (AAMS), which focuses on working towards the liberation of modern day slaves and combating slavery at its roots.  His role includes outreach and preventative measures. Please visit the AAMS website at:

Jeff is a partner in the NGO "Learning for Hope", which focuses on regenerating dilapidated and ill-equipped schools in developing countries.  This is a grassroots operation that works with community members with the ultimate goal of leaving them self-sufficient and able to run the operation themselves. Please check out the Events page for upcoming fundraising outings and visit  for more information.    

Jeff's sister Julie Rozsas has established the organization "Believe in a Miracle", which is concerned with finding solutions for women and couples who deal with issues of infertility.  Every year thousands of would-be great parents are denied the opportunity because of their inability to pay the high fees for fertilization treatment.  "Believe in a Miracle" aims to create the opportunity for these individuals to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.                                                     

While working for Princess Cruises, Jeff developed a corporate charity program called the H-Initiative (Humanitarian Initiative), which he had the privilege of implementing on several occasions. He worked vigorously with the head office in an attempt to have Princess Cruises adopt the program for fleet-wide implementation. After 2 years it is still sitting and Jeff is hopeful that it will come to fruition.  The H-Initiative is founded on a recycled energy philosophy and focuses on channeling used clothing items, toys, and linen that would otherwise be discarded as waste to poverty-stricken communities on travel itineraries. The H-Initiative is a program that works within the Travel and Tourism industry with the intention of fusing community and corporate interests. Please contact Jeff in order to find out how your corporation/company can implement the H-Initiative program.

Jeff was honoured to attend the Canadian Museum for Human Rights roundtable talks in Toronto in December 2009.  Along with Karlee Sapoznik, they presented their case to include contemporary forms of slavery such as forced labour, forced prostitution, child soldiery and the forced marriage victims.  

Please check out the following websites and find out how you can make a difference…




What is a Day?

What is a day, what is a year of vain delight and pleasure?
Like a dream it endless dies.
And from us like a vapour flies;
And this is all the fruit that we find, which glory in worldy treasure.
Philip Rosseter (1575-1623)