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Here is a list of talented people in fields as diverse as music and photography to literary criticism and beyond…

Believe in a Miracle (Charity for women who wish to have children in the face of infertility - Site features The Rezza Brothers single - 'Miracle') -

Recruitment 4 Love Inc (Dating Agency - Site features The Rezza Brothers single 'Standing in the Rain') 

Fashion Studio 7 (Fashion Magazine) -
Morgan Sadler (singer/performer) -
David Dimuzio (singer/performer/juggler) -

Paul Grecco (pianist/teacher) -
The Harriet Tubman Institute  (Institute for Research on the Global Migrations of African Peoples) -
Buxton National Historic Site and Museum -

Allison Love-Eastman (photographer) -

Tracy Florom (graphic designer/photographer) -

Jay Halbert (photographer) -

Anita Van Zyl (photographer) -

Paloma Mora Guerrero (photographer) -

Terrence Jon Dyck (visual artist) -

Jason Mills (web designer) -

Jason Craig (musician) -

Information on Friedrich's Ataxia -

Create Clinic (Associated with Sunnybrook and Women's College Hospital in Toronto) -

Fashion Studio7 -


A big thank you to God and to all of those individuals including my family, friends, and teachers who have been instrumental towards my growth and happiness…